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Today we have Afef on the channel who is sharing this wall break cycle deck which now has the valkyrie in instead of the recently nerfed knight. At only 2.9 elixir you can use this deck to control the tempo of the match and while been able to cycle back to the units you need to help make positive elixir trades on defence. This is technically a dual win condition deck because of the miner and wall breakers. This allows you to apply dual lane pressure throughout the match and prevents the opponent from going to aggressive because you can easily punish them. The Tesla is a strong defensive unit that require slightly different building placement to cards like canon or tombstone, generally you'll need to place this card one tile higher than other defensive buildings. Fireball and log both have great synergy but you should try to make a positive elixir trade when using and always try to get some chip damage against the opponents tower. Both of these spells have a knock back ability which is good at resetting charging units like prince or ram rider.

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The Valkyrie is OP at defending against a lot of units and she often provides you with a strong counter push. She's best used at taking out support cards behind tanks but she can also be used against a graveyard, three musketeers, spawner decks and also witches. Use her as a meat shield on your counter push to tank damage for your 'squishy' units.

Wall Breakers

I love this win condition because it can be incredibly annoying to defend against. You can usually cycle this card throughout the match to force your opponent to play elixir on defence. If you have an elixir advantage you can support this card with miner or valkyrie to tank tower damage.


Bats are you main defensive unit against air decks so you need to be clever when you're up against a balloon cycle or lava hound deck. The tesla is also a good defensive unit but you will need to use the valkyrie to kite air units away or support the bats and tesla with the fireball however the thing to do is to keep up the pressure to stop the opponent building up a huge push.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you can start out the match by splitting wall breakers or cycling miner on the tower. In single elixir you should play passively and react to what your opponent does, if you over commit and end up with a big elixir disadvantage it can be hard to recover from. You can apply light pressure with certain cards to force your opponent to spend elixir on defence or if you need to bait out a spell.

Late Stage Gameplan

As you approach double elixir you should hopefully have a damage advantage. In double elixir you can be more offensive with your miner and the wall breaks while using your defensive units to counter push. Try to never leak elixir and always use your spells to help keep your units alive for as long as possible. Good luck with this deck everyone check out the video to see how a pro handles this deck.

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