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Ash posted 2 years ago

This is truly an EPIC deck and though it is a very heavy deck at 4.6 elixir it is very straight forward to play. The number one rule is don't play too aggressive, be passive and respond to what the opponent does and then try to build up a strong counter push. Try to build your pushes behind a mega knight or pekka with the support of the executioner if its double elixir then apply pressure with balloon too. There are some great card combos in this deck that you can use to your advantage. The best card combo is the executioner tornado which is great on defence and also works well at support your pekka or mega knight on offence. Another great combo which is best used in double elixir is the balloon freeze combo. This can be used to end a match in over time or when you know you have an elixir advantage. The freeze can also be used on defence to help stop your towers been overwhelmed.

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Pekka is a great tank killer and will be your main defensive option against giants and golems. You should always try to counter push with her and use your zap to help support her when possible. This card should be played in the back if the opponent places a tank behind their towers, whereas the mega knight should be placed directly on top of units so you can utilise his enter the arena ability,


Balloon is your main win condition in this deck and can be paired with either a mega knight, pekka or just a freeze spell on offence. Try to wait until your opponent is low on elixir or when they've used an air counter which gives you an opening to apply pressure. Remember this card deals death damage which is great at helping chip away at the opponents towers as well as the opponents counter push troops.

Early Stage Gameplan

Early game you should always wait for the other player to make the first move.... even if you have to wait until the start of double elixir. Try to learn what deck the opponent is playing and use the tornado to activate your king tower if you get the opportunity, this works great against hog rider, miner and bait archetypes.

Late Stage Gameplan

Double elixir is the time when this deck is at its strongest. The ideal push is built from a counter push with an executioner and electro wizard supporting. You can then use the balloon and freeze combo to shut down the opponents tower and hopefully take a victory. Good luck with this deck everyone!

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