NEW Meta Countering Mega Knight Deck!
Ash posted 1 year ago

Today, we have Jax on the channel showcasing a 4.1 average elixir cost, meta countering Mega Knight deck. This deck is a hybrid of bridgespam and beatdown, using quick attacks with Goblin Drill and Fisherman as well as big pushes with the Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon. This deck is played very passively until your opponent overcommits and gives you an elixir advantage, and then you can use your Goblin Drill tower and use the Fisherman to pull their responses off of it, or Mega Knight behind your king tower to build a mammoth push! One pro tip with the deck is that if you play your Inferno Dragon in the back at 10 elixir, and your opponent does not play a response to it by the time you hit 10 elixir again, you can Mega Knight the bridge and attack them with a Goblin Drill. You will also be taking some damage, such as Bandit dashes or letting an X-Bow lock to get an elixir advantage, and then you can overwhelm them once they are down quite a bit of elixir. When facing other beatdown decks, use your Fireball and Arrows to destroy units like Night Witch or Electro Dragon while hitting the rest of the units they place in their push. You should wait until all of these units are crossing onto your side to enact this strategy. Defensive Goblin Drills are good too, especially against Hog Riders or Balloons when you need to pull them to the middle in a pinch!

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Mega Knight

Use your Mega Knight's Enter the Arena effect to stop big pushes on your side of the arena! You can also play this card behind your king tower to start a big push using the Dark Prince, Inferno Dragon, and Goblin Drill.

Inferno Dragon

The Inferno Dragon will do a good job destroying your opponents tanks! When your opponent plays a tank, you can play this card in the far back corner or behind your king tower in the same lane to DPS the tank down! Just watch out for reset units, these can stop your Inferno Dragon from dealing full damage. Examples are Zappies, Electro Wizard, and Electro Dragon. Make sure you have your fireball at the ready for them!

Electro Wizard

The Electro Wizard can be used to stun your opponent's Inferno Tower or Inferno Dragon, reset Prince and Dark Prince charges, and to stun-lock the Sparky. Combo him with Mega Knight for a strong attack, Fisherman to keep pulled units stuck, or Fireball to finish off weak units!

Early Stage Gameplan

Play very passively, and try to react to what your opponent plays. Starting plays include Fisherman in the middle, Dark Prince in the back, Goblin Drill on tower, or Arrows on tower. Try not to attack with the Goblin Drill unless you are up a lot of elixir, since this can lead to a dangerous counterpush. Save your Mega Knight for defending in this stage, and make sure you are getting no worse than an even trade with your spells.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir, you will want to try and build up an elixir advantage. Once you are up, and this can be from ignoring inconsequential damage or making positive trades, you can Mega Knight the back and start up a push using all of your cards. You'll want to try and win any battle that happens near the bridge using Fisherman, Electro Wizard, and your spells to protect your Mega Knight and then using Goblin Drill to deal the finishing blow.

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