This Deck DESTROYS In Competitive Clash Royale!
Ash posted 2 months ago

Today we go over one of the top competitive decks in Clash Royale, 2.8 Hog Earthquake Cycle! This is a very strong deck that combines the the Hog Rider and Earthquake so you can get rid of the pesky buildings preventing your Hog from reaching the tower. You'll want to be playing this deck pretty aggressively, making sure your opponent is under constant attacks so that you can outcycle their best defensive answers and prevent them from mounting counterattacks. Using the quick cycle of the deck, you can play very aggressively and rely on Tesla, Valkyrie, and Firecracker to mount defenses on whatever units they are counterpushing with. With a cheap unit cost in The Log, Fire Spirit, Skeletons, and Firecracker, you are always not very far from your next Hog Rider or Tesla for defense. This is a really versatile deck that allows you to control the pace of play and leaves your opponent scrambling to catch up!

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Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is the win condition of this deck, you will be using it to get most of your damage on tower! You can play this card early in the game or late to try and keep your opponent off balance, and it is able to jump over the river to bypass some building placements.


Use the Earthquake in tandem with the Hog Rider to break through buildings that would normally counter the Hog or to get damage on tower when you are unable to break your Hog Rider through. The card slows down all troops by 50%, so if you are in a pinch it can buy you some time on defense as well.


The Tesla is your defensive building, use it to counter opponents troops and win conditions. If your opponent has a counter to the tesla in their deck such as lightning or earthquake, place a tesla before setting up for the rest of your defense so you can play another one when your opponent uses their counter!

Early Stage Gameplan

You'll want to be playing pretty aggressively with Hog Riders at the bridge in single. If your opponent attacks first and you defend with a Firecracker and Skeletons, you can use this counterpush to attack by putting a Valkyrie and then a Hog Rider behind. If you are attacking first, make sure not to spend too much elixir so you can still defend your opponent's troops easily.

Late Stage Gameplan

You'll still want to be playing aggressively in double elixir, but your opponents will have more elixir at their disposal to make a big push so it will be more difficult to prevent them from doing so. You'll want to be preplacing units like tesla so you can cycle two of them on the map, or aiming to get multiple firecrackers if the opponent has no big spell while applying light pressure with your hog rider during and after defenses.

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