Ash posted 1 year ago

This Lava Hound Miner deck was my best deck in August 2021, and is an incredibly solid deck for you all to try out! It has plenty of air support with the Inferno Dragon, Flying Machine, and Baby Dragon along with great ground defense with the Barbarians, Miner, and Goblin Cage. Using your Lava Hound, you can build up a big push using your air support cards, send in your miner to take out any air targeting troops, and then use your Arrows to take care of any swarms or surviving troops. This deck is incredibly defensively sound with multiple tank killers, a building to pull win conditions, as well as elements of fireball bait with the barbarians and flying machine. You'll want to be playing the deck passively in single as the offense is very weak until you can build up a huge push behind a Lava Hound. To attack, start a Lava Hound in the back when you are up elixir or your opponent cannot punish you very well, add 2 of your support troops based on what your opponent plays, and use a miner to tank for the lava pups and your support.

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Lava Hound

This is your main win condition, use it as the catalyst for all of your pushes by placing it in the back when up elixir or a little bit higher on the map to tank for air targeting cards as they cross to your side. It's quite expensive though, so make sure your opponent can't spam other lane and defend for a positive elixir trade!

Inferno Dragon

This is one of two tank killers along with barbarians in the deck, use this to kill big units such as the golem or Pekka safely in the air! Watch out for resets, electro wizards and zappies can make this card nearly useless but some protection with barbarians or a lava hound in front will allow for clean defenses.


Miner is mainly being used to take out defending troops during your lava push. The deck doesn't have great offense and trying to out-chip opponents with only miner and a 4.3 average elixir cost will be next to impossible. When a lone lava hound is on tower, you can send him at the last second to tank for pups or the pups and the rest of the support in a bigger push.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir, you'll want to be playing very reactively to your opponent. Unless your opponent makes a mistake and you can miner to tank for a surviving goblin cage brawler or flying machine, you should be focused almost completely on defense. This deck's defense is quite strong so as long as you don't overspend you should be able to have a lockdown single elixir period.

Late Stage Gameplan

As you reach double elixir, you can begin to start up pushes using your lava hound. You should wait until you're up elixir OR you can't be punished by your opponent, with an optimal situation being both of those factors playing into you. You can start up a Lava Hound in the back, add your support, and use the Miner to take out all opposing air targeting troops for an overwhelming smackdown on the opponents tower.

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