INSANE Hog Princess Cycle Deck!
Ash posted 1 year ago

This 3.0 quick cycle hog princess deck takes advantage of many smaller, quick cycle units played multiple times to chip away your opponents towers and to stack DPS on top of larger tanks such as Electro Giant or Lava Hound. Using Fire Spirit, you can kill swarms like Goblin Gang or Bats with your Hog Rider, or you can use Ice Golem to tank for the Hog Rider and use his death explosion to kill Skeletons. Bats and Mini Pekka are also underrated combos with the Hog, you can use the Mini Pekka to take out units like the Electro Wizard and use bats to kill ground defenses as well as potentially tank for air cards like the Inferno Dragon. On defense you'll want to rely on the Princess for splash damage, cycling multiple very quickly to outcycle your opponent's response to her. Bats and Mini Pekka will do a great job providing DPS, while the Ice golem can tank for or kite away more of your opponent's units.

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The Princess is your main form of continuous splash damage since the Fire Spirit is a one-attack-and-done card. Usually you want to play her in the opposite lane of your opponent's attack so that she won't be in their line of fire. She can also be played at the bridge if you need damage in a pinch but be careful as this could lead to you getting punished.

Hog Rider

Hog Rider is your main win condition, you'll be playing the card pretty aggressively at the bridge for the most part. You can combo him with other cards like fire spirit, mini pekka, or ice golem for maximum damage or just play him alone to try and sneak in a few quick hits.

Mini P.E.K.K.A

Mini Pekka is your main source of DPS in this deck, doing nearly 900 damage per swing. You'll want to save him for the opponents win condition like Electro Giant, Royal Giant, or Hog Rider and if they support those win conditions protect him with the Ice Golem.

Early Stage Gameplan

In this stage you'll want to play aggressively in most matchups as your quick cycle can allow you to attack repeatedly, leading to a stunted counterpush from your opponent. You don't want to play too aggressively and throw all of your cards at the bridge, but a healthy attack that isn't too overly aggressive will work really well. Your main defensive strategy should be to rely on mini pekka or princess + 1 other card only if you can manage it so that you don't over spend, however if more is required you shouldn't hesitate to play them.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir, your opponents will be able to build stronger pushes so you'll need to cycle multiple princesses, mini pekkas, or rockets for defense depending on what the situation calls for. You should attempt to play your cards as quickly as possible without playing them so quickly that they are wasted so that you can continue to have a source of DPS while also trying to pressure during defenses with a hog rider if you can afford it so your opponent is always on their toes.

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