Ash posted 1 year ago

This is a 4.1 average elixir cost P.E.K.K.A. Bridgespam Deck with multiple changes from the classic variation with battle ram. The deck is a bit heavier than the classic version, so most of your attacks will be counterpush instead of first-time aggression like in classic pekka bridgespam. Using your dark prince and hunter, you can clean up swarms on defense and attack with royal hogs to get your damage. Pekka can be used to either defend or start up a huge push, and the deck has plenty of split lane pressure with 3 and 4 elixir troops and the ability to split your royal hogs to prevent spell value. The hunter replaces the magic archer in this deck to shore up your swarm defense and add another tank killer to the deck when he is played close to an attacking troop. Snowball replaces the zap and allows you to push units away from your royal hogs to allow them to get more damage and to add a pushback spell on defense.

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Electro Wizard

This is your main support troop, he is a really, really versatile card and will be your main reset to units like the princes, inferno dragon, and inferno tower. It is super key on offense to change interactions with his double attack as well as the stun to allow your troops to attack more often than your opponent's, proportionally.


Bandit is your main pressure card that isn't too expensive, she can be played at the bridge when they have no answers to her or are too low on elixir to defend her, or you can use her in the middle of a push to force your opponents to play their cards in a way where she can't get value, potentially freeing up your other cards.


Pekka is your main defensive card, she can defend large troops like golem, electro giant, and giant and then begin a counterpush or you can play her in the back when up elixir to start that push and have more time to build up elixir.

Early Stage Gameplan

You'll want to be playing this stage passively, your deck is pretty expensive and cheaper cycle decks will usually have very cheap, efficient answers to any size push you can make in this period. You'll want to just sit back and defend, and then counterpush ONLY if your opponent makes a large mistake managing their counters or elixir.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can become more aggressive, starting to attack with bridge pressure like a counterpushing dark prince, and then adding a split set of royal hogs and a bandit, or by starting up a pekka push and using your dark prince, bandit, and other support in a beatdown-style push. You can defend a lot less if your opponent's push won't take your tower to try and get an elixir advantage and play the deck similar to electro giant or golem beatdown.

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