Witch is TAKING OVER in this Mega Knight Deck!
Ash posted 2 years ago

This is a highly aggressive, very fast paced Mega Knight Wallbreakers deck that takes advantage of of small-spell bait and cheap cards to outcycle and constantly pressure your opponent. You'll want to be playing aggressively, but never so aggressively that you won't be able to defend. This means never playing more than one or two cards on an attack unless you have a counterpush, and conserving most of your elixir for defense. You'll want to attack by pressuring with a bandit when your opponent doesn't have much in cycle, using a defensive witch or set of bats to clean up your opponent's troops and then playing your miner right after, or using lone wall breakers or barbarian barrels to force out awkward responses from your opponent. Your mega knight will mostly be played on defense to squash your opponents troops and then you can attack using him and set up some strong split lane pressure.

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Mega Knight

Mega Knight will mostly be used as a defensive card rather than a push starter in this deck, however, if you are up a lot of elixir or need a big tank to break through your opponent's deck you can play him in the back for maximum push potential.


This card will be used to augment your attacking presence, you'll want to play the bandit when your opponent has a response for her, but that response is better used on another card. She can also help you win battles at the bridge by dashing over to take our your opponent's cards.


Miner will mainly be used to tank for another unit, such as bats or wallbreakers, or to play some quick defense. He has a lot of versatility being able to be played anywhere on the map so if an annoying unit is still alive and won't be taken out by your zap, you can send him in to finish the job.

Early Stage Gameplan

In this stage you will want to be making the first play to initiate gameplay. Optimal starting plays are splitting bats behind your king tower and playing a miner if your opponent doesn't respond, playing a bandit behind your king tower, playing a zap on your opponent's tower, or splitting wall breakers. You'll then want to just wait for your opponent to play their response, and try to answer in a way that keeps up the pressure. This deck thrives on fast paced gameplay so you should be intending to set the pace of the match.

Late Stage Gameplan

This deck is a beat weaker in double elixir as heavier decks will have the ability to overwhelm it, so you'll want to take your pressure to the next level. You can start adding more cards to your pushes, such as going miner wall breakers and bats or you can being making mega knight pushes against cheaper decks to break through. If playing against a heavier deck, you will want to apply a lot of pressure so they can never play their win condition or try to tower trade them if you are unable to stop them from playing.

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