Ash posted 2 years ago

This is an aggressive, very, VERY fun Royal Hogs Magic Archer Combination Deck! Using the quick cycle and strong defensive power of Tesla, Royal Delivery, and Knight you can attack very often and defend your opponent's scattered counterpush easily. You can attack using the Royal Hogs, use your Earthquake to eliminate any buildings placed by your opponent, and then play a Magic Archer to get that juicy chip damage on your opponent's tower! This deck synergizes very well as you can bait out your opponent's fireball with your magic archer and then attack with your royal hogs to get damage, or, if your royal hogs aren't able to connect, you can always play a magic archer to align onto your opponent's tower and protect it with a knight in front. The tesla magic archer combo is very strong on defense, and with the deck's quick cycle, multiple air and ground counters, and a strong array of spells you should have no problems defending most pushes.

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Magic Archer

The magic archer is your main source of consistent damage. Due to his long range, he can support an offensive attack by sniping buildings or getting chip damage, or he can slowly chip away at your opponent's push from a safe distance.


Tesla is going to be your main answer for win conditions as it will be able to distract building-targeting cards. Preplacing this card is not as viable of a strategy as it used to be, so if your opponent plays a win condition in the back, cycle a knight or magic archer in the back before playing your tesla.


Earthquake will be used to break through your opponent's building and swarm troops on offense, but it's defensive power, especially against graveyard, is not to be underrated. Use this card on defense if you are in a pinch and need all of your enemy's troops to move just a bit slower.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir it is definitely okay to cycle earthquake, log, magic archer, or skeletons first play, but give your opponent a few seconds past 10 elixir to see if they will make a play. You can go royal hogs without a counterpush, but you should make sure you're up elixir before you do it, or if you're not up elixir you know that your opponent's cycle will not have the appropriate responses in hand. You should also try not to magic archer the bridge unless you are sure you can defend your opponent's counterpush as it is possible to be punished pretty heavily in single by a misplay of the magic archer.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir you can be a lot less careful attacking. Against heavier decks you will want to apply constant pressure so that they cannot build up a push or so you can at least tower trade them if they do. You can also be more aggressive with your magic archer's at the bridge, and you will be able to cycle multiple units on defense if you play that unit at the start of your opponent's attack.

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