Ash posted 2 years ago

This Elixir Golem Sparky Rage deck will have you wanting to wash your hands and completely sterilize your phone! It is a very passive, 1-push-victory type of deck that requires a large amount of patience, and then capitalization in double and triple elixir. You'll be playing this deck very very passively in single, letting your opponent make the first play and even leaking elixir to make sure your cards get the most value possible. After your opponent overcommits, you can begin to stack units for a big push, or just wait until double elixir and start an elixir golem or sparky in the back. Your main goal in a push will be to protect your electro dragon and sparky and if possible your battle healer and skeleton dragons. Use the heal spirit to heal up units when your opponent plays a card in the middle of your push, or tornado all the units together so your sparky, electro dragon, and skeleton dragons can take them out. If you have taken a tower and want to go for the three crown, but your opponent can get a lot of spell value, you can cycle a 2nd elixir golem and healer in the pocket (the tile in the top left or right corner of your available tiles to play a troop on after an arena tower is down, it should lead to whatever troop that is played there going towards your opponent's remaining princess tower) to distract their defense and avoid giving spell value.

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Sparky is going to be your main DPS throughout a game. If your opponent cycles a unit such as giant, golem, or even units like valkyrie or mini pekka in the back, you can play your sparky to nearly immediately eliminate them and then you can put a battle healer, elixir golem, and an electro dragon in front to counterpush off of their overcommitment.


This is one of the cheapest cards in the deck, and due to its relative inability to make or break your defenses, you can cycle this card on your tower to speed up the tower's attack and to keep your cycle moving. On offense you will want to lead your push a bit, so that the troops will continue to stay in the radius of the rage as they move forward, and not just aim to where the troops are now.

Electro Dragon

The electro dragon is the most important card in the deck, and unless your opponent can immediately spell it away with fireball arrows or a rocket, you want to protect it at all costs. It synergizes amazingly with the skeleton dragons to deal splash and chain damage, as well as with the tornado to pull units like inferno dragon to it, or allow other units to let the electro dragon chain onto an inferno tower.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir, being passive is an absolute necessity. If your opponent will let you, waiting until double elixir is definitely advised as sometimes you can get into awkward situations where you can't cycle a card without your opponent benefiting from you playing it. If your opponent goes with a very aggressive push and you can play a battle healer on top, and she remains healthy, you can go with an elixir golem and an electro dragon with a rage heal spirit if you know what your opponent is playing.

Late Stage Gameplan

In double elixir, you can start a massive push while ignoring some damage on your tower or even the entire tower itself. You can play an elixir golem or a sparky behind your king tower, and you'll want to play the sparky if your opponent has a big defensive unit like valkyrie or pekka you need to kill extra fast. If you just want to stack healers and dragons, you can start an elixir golem in the back to save the elixir. Continuing your push is advised if you have at least 2nd stage elixir blobs, a battle healer, and your electro dragon alive and they will still get value.

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