This Deck Will Teach You How to Defend Perfectly!
Ash posted 2 years ago

In today's guide, we're going to be going over this 3.4 elixir cost Baby Dragon Tornado Graveyard deck, AKA "Splashyard" and how it can make you a better defender in Clash Royale. With this deck you'll want to be playing incredibly passively as you wait for the best time to attack. You can use Tombstone in the middle to pull Building-Targeting cards, and use your Tornado to activate your King Tower off of units such as Hog Rider, Royal Ghost, or Bandit. You'll want to defend in double elixir by using your ice wizard and baby dragon, and protecting them so that you can build up a big counterpush, then you can attack with a graveyard. This will limit counterpush and allow you to have the elixir to take out your opponent's defenses. This deck has some of the strongest defense in the game with all of its splash damage and spell power, and it will definitely allow any player who gives it a try to improve their defensive abilities.

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As your win condition, this will be your main source of attack. Make sure not to use it in single elixir unless you have a knight and a baby dragon alive after defending. Due to its RNG, it can usually be counted on to get damage.

Baby Dragon

One of your best defensive units. Use this card as often as you can, this will allow you to have a tanky splash unit and lead to great counterpush. Baby Dragon will usually be the your tank in this deck.


Tombstone provides a lot of defensive pressure. Its constant waves of skeletons make it difficult to attack for your opponent, and it can allow you to defend your opponent's units while you prepare to attack.

Early Stage Gameplan

In single elixir, you'll want to be incredibly passive. This stage in the game is just for feeling out your opponent's deck, you'll not really want to attack as its going to lead to difficulty defending. Even with such a strong defense, you do usually need to set up a hefty amount of elixir, so be sure to be careful. You can counterattack if your opponent overcommits heavily and you have a healthy knight + baby dragon combo alive.

Late Stage Gameplan

You'll really want to be focusing on playing your ice wizards and baby dragons to set up defenses. These two combined with your spells can absolutely shred a push, and your knight can stop any leftovers on the ground, as well as tank as part of the counterpush. This deck is a counterpush deck, its best attacks come off of the counterattack. Make sure only to initiate attack if you're up a LOT of elixir.

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