Ash posted 1 year ago

This Giant Skeleton Sparky Beatdown deck was created to strike the fear of Mid-Ladder into your opponents. No matter how much damage you take throughout the match, never give up, because the one-push 3 crown potential is unmatched. Defensively it can be a struggle but we have the Mega Minion and the Skeleton Dragons to get positive elixir trades from above so you can focus on the offense. Your main push is comprised of Giant Skeleton and Sparky but you can add any of the other cards to support based on how your opponent is reacting defensively.

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The most important part of this deck is the Tornado. You can get so much value by pairing the tornado with the Giant Skeleton bomb, the Sparky blast, and the Golden Knight ability.


If you aren't sure what to support your Giant Skelly Sparky push with the Lumberjack is always a pretty good option. He is fast, hits hard, and when he dies it will only help you by dropping that rage to speed up your troop's movement/attack speeds.

Golden Knight

The Golden Knight is fantastic on offense and defense. Use his dash ability paired with a tornado to ensure connections onto the tower and to take our groups of enemy cards on defense.

Mother Witch

The Mother Witch is a card that can win you the game on the spot if played correctly. Use her on offense and on defense to take care of swarms like skeletons and bats to shift the tide with an onslaught of pigs.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the Early Stages of the game, you are looking to find a positive elixir trade most of the time with a sparky in the back in the same lane as a ground unit from your opponent. Once you have gotten the elixir advantage you can either go for a Sparky in the back or counter push with your existing Sparky. Always get the Giant Skeleton in front of the Sparky and support with other cards as needed.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the Late Stage of the game, you are just trying to build the biggest beatdown push that you can. You will have to use the information you have gathered on your opponent's deck in the early stage in order to support your push properly. The most important thing to keep track of is their spell. If they have a fireball or a poison support your Skelly Sparky push with Lumberjack and Golden Knight. If they have lightning go with Skelly Drags more on offense. If they don't have a big spell... then go all out with everything and get those 3 crowns!

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