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This Golem Deck is one of the most consistent decks in clash royale right now. Most people would say that Golem decks don't take skill but it is quite the opposite. It is important to have a keen understanding of elixir management and not overcommit especially in single elixir time because of how expensive the deck is. Your basic strategy with this deck is to get positive elixir trades using your support cards like the Golden Knight and once you have accomplished that go with the Golem in the back. If you don't know if you are up in elixir or if your opponent has their win condition in cycle it might be safer to wait till double time to go for your golem push. But generally, if you can find a good moment in single elixir to go for a push it can be very difficult for your opponent to defend. In order to break through on offense look to use the lighting to help take out buildings and glass cannons such as wizard, musketeer, and archer queen. Also, get creative with your tornado to pull defensive units into your support troops to take them out or allow your golden knight to dash to the tower.

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Wait until double elixir or until you have a 2-3 elixir advantage and then go with the golem in the back behind your king tower. He will be the main tank for your beatdown push so make sure to play your support units behind him to create an unstoppable push.

Golden Knight

The Golden Knight is useful in this deck because you can get positive elixir trades easily by forcing your opponents to commit elixir by stalling with his ability. It is important to not get too trigger-happy with the ability for this reason, let your opponent overcommit.

Goblin Cage

The Goblin Cage is the main crux of the defense for this deck. Make sure to learn good centralized building placements to pull things in the range of both of your crown towers to get positive elixir trades.


Tornado is one of the most versatile cards in Clash Royale. You can use it on defense to activate your king tower, you can use it to pull your opponent's units into your support cards to take them out quickly, and you can use it to pull opposing troops near the tower to allow your baby dragon to splash and your golden knight ability to connect.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages, you want to bank up your elixir and force your opponent to make a play by playing passively with centralized goblin cage placements. The next best starting plays are Golden Knight in the back, Barb Barrel at the bridge, or Mega Minion in the back. Once you have had a good defense and you think you are up in elixir you can go for a golem in the back to start building up your push!

Late Stage Gameplan

In later stages of the game, you can continually apply pressure with golem pushes. The most difficult part of beatdown decks is to realize the fine line where you continue to pressure with your push or reset with another golem in the back. Never be afraid to go for another golem in the back and chip your opponents down with golemite damage and lightning chip.

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