This is the EASIEST deck in Clash Royale!
Ash posted 1 year ago

The motto for this deck is Sac and Attack. This means sac your towers to gain an elixir advantage and put together an unstoppable elixir golem, healer, electro dragon, rage push. After your opponents defend (if they can) use the sparky to blow up everything in their counter push. You always have the option to counter push with the sparky and go for another elixir golem battle healer push.

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Elixir Golem

The Elixir Golem is the win condition of the deck but be very careful when you use it. Always pair the E-Golem with the battle healer because when he dies it will give your opponent 4 elixir that can be devastating on their counter push!

Electro Dragon

The electro dragon is usually the main support card that goes with the elixir golem and healer. Use your spells (tornado and rage) to support the e-drag to get as much value from it as possible.


The sparky is mainly for defense to clean up big counter pushes from the opponent. You can also counter push with the sparky and use him to block a lane.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages, you want to be passive and react to what your opponent is playing so you can counter-push with your elixir golem and battle healer. Try not to use your elixir golem unless you are going for an all-out attack.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the later stages, you can build up massive unstoppable pushes. Unless your opponent has a very heavy spell like the lightning or rocket they will not be able to stop an elixir golem, battle healer, electro dragon, rage, tornado push.

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