Best NEW Graveyard Deck in the GAME!
Ash posted 1 year ago

This Graveyard deck is like any other. Defend and counter push is the name of the game. Try not to be too aggressive with graveyards in single elixir because you need enough elixir to pair your push with the freeze or you won't end up getting much damage.

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Inferno Tower

The inferno tower is a bit different from the building that normal graveyard decks have like a tombstone, but after the more recent buff it is extremely powerful on defense.

Golden Knight

The golden knight is the main tank for your graveyard, it is amazing to pair with the tornado to get massive value with his dash ability.

Baby Dragon

The baby dragon is also super important on offense and defense with this deck. Pair him with the tornado in order to make for an easy defense or unstoppable offense.

Early Stage Gameplan

In a single elixir play passively and reactively. If the opportunity comes that your opponent is too aggressive and you have a nice counter push you can go for a graveyard.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the later stages of the game, it is the graveyard's time to shine. Make massive counter pushes and pair your troops and graveyard with the freeze and tornado to take those towers.

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