🔥 HOTTEST🔥 NEW Cycle Deck in Clash Royale!
Ash posted 1 year ago

This quick cycle drill deck is arguably the best deck in the meta at the time of creating this guide. You can apply so much pressure with the drill and bandit and lean heavily on the inferno tower on defense. The rocket is used to finish out matches and clear out your opponent's counter push after you go for a drill. One of the biggest reasons drill is so powerful in this meta is because it can be used defensively as well vs E-Giant Mirror.

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Goblin Drill

The Goblin Drill is the main win condition of this deck, cycle as many of them as possible throughout the match to chip your opponent down and force out elixir.

Inferno Tower

The inferno tower is the main defensive card in the deck. Protect this building with your cycle cards to get massive amounts of value.

Early Stage Gameplan

In the early stages of the match be aggressive with drills and cycle cards and try to get damage by out cycling your opponent.

Late Stage Gameplan

In the late stages of the match don't be afraid to continue to be aggressive. If you really need damage you can always rocket the tower or go for the drill rocket combo.

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