Posted April 26st, 2020



Clash Royale’s Next Major Update:
The next major Clash Royale Update is very likely going to be a Clan Wars revamp. Many clues have been dropped, including hints from both TV Royale and trophy road: Unfortunately, no major changes have been confirmed by the development team, but Drew and Seth have hinted at a few smaller changes coming with the update.
  • The 4 Year Profile Badge will be added to your account, if it is old enough.
  • Battle Healer and Royal Ghost will be receiving a hover mechanic in the next update, meaning that they will still be ground units, but can travel over the bridge.
  • A New Building Card should be coming in mid to late summer, as teased by Drew on reddit!
  • The Royal Delivery and the Heal Spirit will be getting its missing stats added in the card info-screen.
  • A new quality of life change will allow you to Randomize Your Tower Skin among a few custom choices.


Balance Changes?

On twitter, @SwordCR recently made a tease Season 11 Balance list, featuring 5 cards. As a reply, Seth said: “It’s missing the other six.” While it may not be very likely that 11 cards will be balanced in one set of balances, there is quite a big list of cards that the balance team has worked on/tested. Note that none of these changes are confirmed, but have been mentioned by Seth or Drew on their social media. :

  • Tornado
    • Duration Decrease
    • Radius Decrease
  • Baby Dragon
    • 5% Damage Nerf
  • Goblin Hut
    • Hitpoint Decrease
  • Battle Healer
    • Healing changes tested?
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.
    • On the balance team’s watchlist
  • Magic Archer
    • Range back to 7 tiles
    • Trying a different nerf
  • Earthquake
    • Damage reduction
  • Wizard
    • 4-elixir + reworks
  • Bomb tower
    • Hit Speed Reduction 1.6 -> 1.7
  • Skeleton Barrel
    • Reduced health OR reduced skeleton count OR removed drop damage OR speed to medium
  • Royal Delivery
    • More drop damage OR spawns 2 recruits