Clan Wars 2 Creators Challenge

Creator Challenge


River Race!

Many Supercell creators are participating in a race to the finish line. The members from the top 10 teams to finish the race first will win a bunch of prizes! In the first week, Supercell gave gems between 250-1000 to each member, as well as battle passes to the top 5 and extra passes to give away to fans.

We are now in week 2, the prizes are still unknown but there will be some prizes!

If we don't finish in the top 10, help us making it in the top 10 in the following week. This lasts for a total of 5 weeks, so there's a chance we will be able to win on one of the remaining weeks.


How to win?
  • Join our official clan #YQL8Q0QY (Stats Royale) before the race starts
  • Do your war battles as soon as possible.
  • Win prizes if we finish in the top 10!
  • Stay in the clan until we confirmed we have all the player tags of those who participated!