Posted March 10, 2022

We're launching a special tournament series right here on Stats Royale! Here's everything you need to know. All you guys using code stats in all supercell games are making this possible. It's time we give back.

Tournament Information


What is Karaoke Nite/Skeleton Brunch?

These are special tournaments where a set maximum number of players can enter. You can register 10 minutes before the event begins, as long as empty seats are still available. It is single elimination, meaning you will be eliminated after your first loss. The game mode will be randomized weekly between normal, 3x, draft, and mirror. (You will know ahead of time, so you have plenty of time to prepare your decks)


When is Karaoke Nite/Skeleton Brunch?

Karaoke Nite starts every Friday at 1AM UTC and Skeleton Brunch every Sunday at 3PM UTC. We're running two events at different times, allowing every time zone a chance to win. Good luck!


How do I enter the tournaments?

You can enter these tournaments from the tournaments tab in our mobile app, and look for the Karaoke Nite or Skeleton Brunch tournament under the special tournaments section. You can also use the web at You will need the required amount of coins to be able to join the tournament. You can earn more coins by winning other tournaments and clicking the get more coins button!


What should I do if I win a tournament?

First, you will need to come to our discord server and head over to the #admin-help channel. Once there, click the "Tournament Winner" button to create a ticket (There are two buttons, make sure you click the right one!)

Tournament Winner button

We’ll then verify your win. By winning the tournament, you will be given a chance to spin the wheel to win a physical prize out of officially licensed goods that we’ve collected over the years. Shipping is included as part of your prize, but any customs/import fees will be up to the winner (presumably, you!), should there be any import fees in your country.


What prizes are available?

Please note that only the first place in one of the special tournaments currently wins a prize. Prizes can be (but are not limited to and are subject to change, check back often!):

  • (1-5) Clash fan box (Could be CoC, CR or CRL depending on availability)
  • (6-100) Two officially licensed items (1 from: Plushies, small figurines, pins, and 1 from: T-shirt, tote bags, hoodies)

Depending on the random number you roll, you will receive one of those prizes. I.e. if the random number is 3, you will receive a Clash fan box. If the number is 25, you will receive two officially licensed items (Maybe 1 plush, and 1 t-shirt, or 1set of pins and 1 t-shirt, etc). Odds will be adjusted depending on rarity/availability.


What do the prizes look like?

Here are some images of some of the prizes that you might take home!

Merch Pics


How long will it take to receive my prize?

Prizes will ship within 1-4 weeks from the time you win. The time to reach you from that point may differ, depending on where you live. We can give you an estimate once the package is sent. We store our items in both Canada and Europe, so depending on where you live, we'll ship from that location.


I have more questions, who can I ask?

Come to our Discord Server, go in #tournaments and someone will be happy to help!