Posted March 8, 2020




Clash Royale’s Biggest Update in 2020

As you know, Season 9 of Clash Royale wasn’t much or a big update; despite it being the 4th anniversary of Clash Royale. However, their recent TV Royale episode has teased something about the BIGGEST UPDATE that they are releasing in 2020.

This could mean two things:

  • Single player campaign mode: This one is a lot less likely; however, Seth and Drew have all said on reddit that single player modes are things that they may look into. The image above shows a king and a few troops on a quest, exploring a Clash World. There’s no red king in this image, and a single player mode is something that Clash Royale is completely missing, so it seems fitting that it could be the biggest content update of 2020
  • War Rework: This is probably what the dev team is likely to be actually working on. We’ve seen on reddit multiple times that the dev team has been hard at work on a Clan Wars rework for the past few months. And, if you break this image down, the arenas depicted match up perfectly with the clan war island

Creator Modes

Starting on the 12th, there will be 4 Creator Challenges lasting for the rest of march:

  • SirTag’s Cycle Mayhem (March 12-16): A triple elixir challenge, where you can only play cards that cost 4 elixir or less!
  • Legendaray’s Infinite Elixir (March 16-20): Try out the most expensive combos in an infinite elixir showdown!
  • WithZack’s Sparky Spawner (March 23-27): Classic troop spawner gamemode. Sparkies spawn in the same lane, and you have to make sure your sparky comes out on top!
  • CWA’s Elite Barbarian Rush: Classic troop spawner gamemode. Elite Barbarians spawn throughout the match to cause maximum annoyance!

Heal Rework/Deletion

A massive heal rework has been confirmed to be coming in April - in fact, its such a big rework that the heal spell is being replaced with a new card! Don’t wory, your existing copies of the heal spell will transfer over to the new card. One possible rework guessed on social media is a Heal Spirit, a card similar to an ice spirit, but instead of freezing other units when it jumps onto them it casts a healing aura around it.



This week, the NoTilt league playoffs have officially begun! There is some top quality gameplay, where countries are represented by small teams, and face each other head to head! Check them out for some top quality gameplay before the Spring Season of CRL kicks off:


Community Highlight

This week, redditor u/Chief_Pekka posted an analysis of the state of the game. It covers many issues he believes are currently in the clash royale seasons system, as well as suggests update content. Give it a read here:

Clash Royale - The Current State of the Game (v.3 - March 2020) from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Analysis

Although the season 9 balance changes seemed small, there has been a decent shift in this month’s meta! Let's break it down:

  • Bridgespam: Bridgespam is one of the top decks this meta. The high pressure nature of this deck means that it excels in the popular beatdown matchup, and the Battle Healer and Cannon Cart both fit very well in the archetype. Bridgespam decks include:
    • Mega Knight Bridgespam
    • Ram Rider Healer Bridgespam
  • Fireball Bait: With no nerf to the Magic Archer in Season 9, fireball bait continues to rise in popularity as we head into the season. The most popular decks include:
    • Royal Hogs Cycle
    • Mega Knight Royal Hogs
  • Control: Control decks will always be meta - there are so many variants, and it's always going to be a safe choice of deck to play. These decks include:
    • Miner Cycle w/ Wall Breakers
    • Lava Hound Miner
    • Graveyard
    • Sparky
    • Miner Balloon Cycle