Posted March 22, 2020



Recently, the Clash Royale dev team has posted another “What We’ve Been Up To” post, highlighting a few things they are currently working on, as well as some things to look forward to in upcoming seasons!

[OFFICIAL] Casual AMA & Dev Update - What We've Been Up To! from r/ClashRoyale

Season 10 (April):

Season 10 will not be a major update, as confirmed by Drew on the reddit. He says that the dev team still has a lot to work on content-wise, and that this next update will not be a storyline/singleplayer mode. Therefore, Clash Royale’s next major update is likely going to be a Clan Wars Revamp, as covered a few weeks ago.

So, Season 10 will be a normal season, featuring:

  • Season 10 will contain more gold than any other season
  • Magic Archer Emote!!!
  • Legendaray’s Infinite Elixir in party mode rotation
  • New Heal Rework: Heal Spirit?! Found in the game files, the heal spirit is a card, similar to the ice spirit. However, instead of freezing troops that it jumps on, it casts a heal spell when it jumps onto other units. Will likely remain a 1 elixir rare card.
  • Magic Archer, Mini P.E.K.K.A., and/or Bomb Tower will be receiving nerfs in April. Seth has tweeted that the Magic Archer seems statistically balanced, so the balance will likely affect the Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Bomb Tower.
  • Wall Breakers will NOT be receiving nerfs in April. Instead, they will “buff a vaguely similar card that oughta fill a similar role”

Future Changes to Look For:

These changes have been teased by the dev team, but are not coming in this upcoming season, if at all.

  • Wizard may be reworked to 4 elixir in a future balance.
  • 3 Musketeer deploy time will likely be moved to 1 second, like previously.
  • Bowler could be moved to 6 elixir in the future, making him a clear counterpushing win condition.
  • Battle Healer and Royal Ghost will be receiving a hover mechanic in the next major update. This means that they still count as a ground unit, but can travel over the bridge.
  • Goblin Hut may receive a rework similar to the Barbarian Hut, with a shortened lifetime and added death spawn of a few spear goblins.