Hope you enjoyed our April Fools prank this year. Adding this at the top here because some people still believed it to be true. See you next year :D The rest of the page is still the original text, enjoy.

We finally did it, and finally have proof that Clash Royale matches you against people they KNOW you will lose to. We’ve been listening to network packets for over 2 years, trying to figure out what they all mean and we finally deconstructed the matchmaking packets.

Here is what your game sends to the game server, when clicking the battle button:

You can see highlighted the id of a card, in this case the first card listed is the Ice Wizard. (26000023 is Ice Wizard). The fist 4 cards are the one you lose the most often to, while the next 4 cards are the ones you win against the most. The last 3 bytes, 0C 02 06 are simply the record of your last 20 battles. They use this to know when you should win or lose. I know, crazy right? I think everybody knew all along but it was never proven until today…

If you’re above 76.0416% win rate (you will understand where we got these numbers below, keep reading), you are automatically matched against people who have one of the cards you lose the most to.

This explains why you face the same cards multiple times in succession, especially when you’re doing really good, or really bad. In this case, we have 12 wins, 2 ties, and 6 losses. So this means the next game will have cards that we usually lose to. And you’ll stay there until you’re under 50% win rate. You’ve seen this before. You’ve reached your maximum lifetime trophies and then lose 8 games in a row. It happens to EVERYONE. Now, you know why.

The opposite is also true. If you’re under 37.0615% win rate, you will automatically become someone’s worst nightmare. And you will stay in this special queue until you’re above 50%. That’s right, you will be matched against someone you are almost guaranteed to win against, based on your deck, until you win a bunch of games.

What happens if you’re between the thresholds? You get matched randomly. This is to give you the impression that there is no trickery in the matchmaking system.

Why are they doing this? It’s quite simple. If you lose all the time, you will not want to play anymore. So they have put mechanics in place to ensure that you will win. Making you believe you’re amazing and make you happy. To make things even worse, while you’re in this “bad feeling losing every game”, your chances of unlocking a legendary card is up 5x. Again, Clash Royale is just trying to make you feel better. You’ve seen this often, people raging about losing but opening their crown chest and boom, a legendary card, and now they suddenly love Clash Royale again, forgetting they lost 18 games in a row.

Just like casinos in Las Vegas. There are all the sounds of casinos in game for a reason. It’s been proven to make your brain think you’re winning something even tho you’re actually not doing anything.

They do everything to make you feel good and keep playing. The sound of getting a legendary card out of a quest or thousands of gold from war doesn’t sound so magical now does it?

How to beat the system? It’s quite simple. There is a way to only face easy decks to win against to, even if you’re above the 76.0416% mark. We’re sharing this with you today, hoping Clash Royale will finally admit they’ve been doing this all along and make the system fair for everyone, as it should be.

It’s really easy. And you’ve seen people do this. Yes, others have uncovered this secret a long time ago. You’ve seen people give you free wins in challenges. You thought it was helping you, but in reality it made your win rate go higher, and theirs go lower. The win/loss ratio they use is COMBINED!

When you approach the 75% win rate mark, simply join tournaments or challenges and use your hard counter deck. Lose every battle against cards that you usually beat easily, and win every battle against cards you normally lose to. Try to lose at least 75% of the games, so that you’ll be near the 35% mark and then have an easy way back in ladder. Rinse and repeat!

We studied millions of battles to figure out the exact percentages, which allowed us to reverse-engineer the formula. We’re putting this here for the guys who would like to check out the math, but for the common players out there, you can skip this part and get on winning more games!

  • w = combined winrate
  • D = last 20 games win rate
  • T = last 20 games losses
  • t = last 20 games ties
  • C = card you lose the most to (numerical)
  • T = card you win the most to (numerical)

There are other variables are pretty much self explanatory.

* * *

It’s incredible to see how many people thought at some point that matchmaking is rigged. Here’s a few links to discussions around the same lines of thoughts as this. I feel bad for the people who tried to expose Clash Royale only to get laughed at. Now, they got proof. Give them some good karma, will ya?

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