Posted May 29, 2020



Season 12: Prince’s Dream
The season for June is themed around the Prince! Coming with the new season are all of the new season visuals:
  • Prince’s Dream Arena
  • Clouds Tower Skin
  • Emotes:
    • Prince (Pass Royale)
    • Dark Prince (Challenge)
    • Pony (Shop)

New Card: Skeleton Dragon

A new card is once again arriving in the arena! This time, we have the Skeleton Dragons, a 4 elixir common card unlocked in Spooky Town (Arena 12). This card spawns 2 mini dragons, which die to Fireball, but can be split into 2 lanes. The Skeleton Dragon will be unlocked through an in-game challenge on Friday, June 5th. It will also be the Card Level Boost for the season, so you can try out the card once you unlock it!


Season 12 Balances

This season, we’re seeing a smaller set of balances. However, there are technically 20 cards being changed (although 16 of them are under one balance). Let’s take a look at them!

  • Prince
    • Hitpoints +3%
  • Royal Delivery
    • Damage -10%
  • Bomb Tower
    • Reduced Lifetime 35s → 25s
  • Earthquake
    • No Attack Speed Reduction: Units will be able to attack as normal, even inside the earthquake
    • Move Speed Reduction: 50%
  • Deploy Time standardization for ALL swarm troops:
    • 0.1 Second staggered deploy between spawns
    • Affects ALL cards consisting of 2 or more units (except skeletons and skeleton army)

Overall, a pretty well rounded set of balance changes! Most of the super popular cards in the meta have been nerfed, and should be seen a bit less. However, I would have liked to see buffs to a few splashers, as fireball bait is super popular in this meta, and nerfs to Bomb Tower and Royal Delivery will mean that these decks will be just as viable.



CRL East

The Spcial Season of CRL East has concluded, with FAV Gaming taking the crown over W.EDGM. Congratulations to them!

The Regular Season for CRL West, on the other hand, begins on Saturday, May 30th. There are 10 super stacked teams, playing in 2 separate groups for the season:

Be sure to pick a Fantasy Royale roster before the season kicks off! Head to the Esports tab and add a line up for a chance to get some free gems


Community Highlight

Now that Infinite Elixir has finally been added to friendly battles, people have been able to get some crazy games! Here is a match from u/Himada-the-noobie from Reddit, who managed to get a LOT of Sparkies on the map:

Now that there is infinite elixer friendly battle... from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Breakdown

Since the balance changes will be coming into effect next Tuesday, let's break down some of the biggest changes to expect going into the May Season!

  • Bomb Tower and Royal Delivery: These two splashers will undoubtedly be seen less in the next meta. However, they should still both be meta, as the still have the capability of providing a lot of value
    • Bomb Tower is mostly played as a reactive card, so a reduced lifetime will make little difference there.
    • Royal Delivery is taking a decent hit from these balances, but it still does a lot of damage, knocks troops backwards, and spawns a Royal Recruit
  • Earthquake Decks
    • Earthquake still does a lot of damage, and still slows units down if they’re placed poorly. Therefore, many decks with earthquake will still be viable, both as a way to get tower damage, and as a way to counter buildings
  • Royal Hogs
    • With even more splashers nerfed, Royal Hogs will continue to be very popular in the next meta
    • The Skeleton Dragons may find a spot in this deck, as it also serves as a fireball bait unit!
  • Miner Chip
    • Miner Chip decks with the Bomb Tower will likely be hit the greatest with this balance. These decks heavily rely on the Bomb Tower and the Royal Delivery to pull off some insane positive trades, and with both seeing a nerf, players may have to find new variations of the archetype.