Posted Sep 6, 2020



Season 15: Set Sail for War
Of course, with the coming of a new clan wars update, comes a season for WAR! This season celebrates the arrival of Clan Wars 2.0 with some free stuff, as well as all the season regulars:
  • Return to Boat Arena
  • Clan Boat Bastion (Free Tower Skin)
  • Colossal Castle (Pass Royale Skin)
  • Emotes:
    • Goblin Thumbs Up (Pass Royale)
    • Golem Emote
    • Goblin Top Hat Dance Emote
    • Guard Emote (Free)
  • Card Level Boost: Guards
  • New Mode: Capture the Mortar!


Season 15 Balances

This month, we have a smaller set of balances changes; nevertheless, they will be quite impactul on the meta as we head into the month of September!

  • Heal Spirit
    • Heal Radius -12.5%
    • The heal spirit is easily one of the best cards in this meta - for 1 extra elixir, you basically get an extra 400 hit points for your entire push or defense, so it fits in almost any archetype in the game. This nerf will allow it to be pulled away more effectively, so that it may not get as much value as it used to.
  • Zappies
    • 18% faster first hit
    • After multiple reworks, the zappies are a card that has just never found its way back into the meta. TThis 18% first hit increase will make it much more effective against many swarms and charging units.
  • Bomber
    • Hit Speed +5%
    • Looking at the stats, the bomber has consistently been an underused card in the meta. It's seen in one or two decks, but still lacks the popularity that a cheap, versatile splasher should. This ~5% damage increase will make it just a bit more threatening when properly protected!
  • Fire Spirits
    • Area Damage +13% (applies to Furnace too)
    • This is a card that I have wanted to see a buff to for so long. Not only are the fire spirits themselves near the bottom of the popularity list, but the Furnace is also down there as well. An increased area damage means that they will now splash in a larger area, so they will be a much better answer to swarms and other fireball bait units, specifically royal hogs.



CRL West

The CRL West season has just been announced! It will begin on September 19th! Here are the teams:

CRL East

The CRL East season is currently underway! Be sure to catch their streams of videos for some of the top gameplay you can find: CRL East Youtube


Community Highlight

Here is one of the best strategies for Boat Battles! By building up tons of pumps and then cycling Giant Skeletons and Inferno Dragons, you can destroy all three towers very quickly!

Boat battle instant 3 crown!! If mastered this could break boat defense!! from r/ClashRoyale

As you know, with the update, there was a glitch where you can actually play a 1-card deck in 2v2! Here's a funny replay of that happening, except both opponents had the exact same idea!

So, my brother and I found another guy doing the 2v2 incomplete deck glitch, and it was hilarious from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Breakdown

The September balances don’t change too many cards, but may still have a big impact on the meta:

  • Heal Spirit
    • The heal spirit may see a small decrease in usage. However, since it still heals the same amount as it did before, it will still be just as effective once it connects. Therefore, most decks with the heal spirit will still run the card, because its fast cycle and healing still provides a lot of value.
  • Fireball Bait
    • Fireball Bait may also see a slight decrease in usage. Not only is the Heal Spirit being nerfed, but splashers such as Bomber and Fire Spirits are getting respective buffs. Personally, I don't think Zappies will make much of an impact in this archetype, but perhaps there will be a few Zappies decks that pop up here and there.