Posted Oct 31, 2020



Season 17: Treasures of the Old King
November comes with another spooky themed season - this time around the royal ghost! As usual, it comes with the season regulars:
  • New Arena: Royal Tomb!
  • Ghostly Treasure Tower Skin (see through!!)
  • 3 New Mega Knight Emotes:
  • Card Level Boost: Royal Ghost & Electro Giant


Season 17 Balances

This month, we are seeing some changes to several very infamous cards! This set of balances has great potential to shift up the November meta, so let's break it down!

  • Elite Barbarians
    • Speed: Very Fast β†’ Fast
    • Hitpoints: +14%
    • Damage: +5.5%
    • Hit Speed: +0.2sec (slower)
  • Electro Wizard
    • Damage -3.5%
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A.
    • Hit Speed: -0.1sec (faster)
    • First Hit Speed: -0.1sec (faster)
  • Sparky
    • Increased shooting time after moving: 0.5 β†’ 1sec
  • Graveyard
    • Skeletons spawn closer to the edge
  • Tombstone
    • Hitpoints: +4%



CRL West

The West league of CRL is now approaching the end of the regular season - and as expected, we are seeing some of the expected teams to rise to the top. Keep in mind that the Top 4 move on to the World Finals! Here are the current standings:

CRL East

The CRL East Season has officially ended! 4 Teams are confirmed to be going to the world finals: PONOS, Nova Esports, FAV Gaming, and W.EDGM. World finals will be happening from December 5th to 6th, in Shanghai China, so prepare to see them there!


Community Highlight

Reddit user u/captainrenders has created a stunning card concept, called the Minotaur. This will be a card with two phases: in Phase 1, it acts like a dark prince and gets one big swing with his hammer. Then in Phase 2, the Minotaur drops the hammer, and acts like a battle ram, charging towards the closest building. The artwork on this concept is stunning, and the concept is quite unique - a support card that turns into a win condition!

Minotaur enters the arena! from r/ClashRoyale

Next up, we have some halloween themed fanart from u/Alan_Royale! Happy Halloween!

I hope you have your bags full of sweets, because if you don't give these naughty sweets, they will make you a prank, you can't imagine what kind of prank from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Breakdown

The November Balances are interesting to say the least - but will it really change the meta? Let's go ahead and break it down:

  • Royal Giant
    • Royal Giant decks have almost been untouched by these balances. The only indirect nerf is a buff to tank killers such as Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Elite Barbarians, but that won't be enough to see a significant decrease in the Giant’s effectiveness.
  • Graveyard
    • Graveyard did see a decent nerf, but it will still remain a popular archetype in the November season. This archetype is all about control on defense, and that ability has been left untouched by the balances. The Graveyard itself may do slightly less damage on average, but it will still be affected by RNG as well!
  • Fireball Bait:
    • Fireball bait is another archetype that will mostly remain untouched in the next season. With no nerfs directly or indirectly, this archetype will continue to dominate the next season.