Posted Dec 5, 2020



Season 18: Logmas!
As with each December, it's time for the holidays! Season 8 will celebrate the upcoming Christmas season with some cool festivities:
  • Clashmas Arena & Winter Theme
  • Clashmas Sled Tower Skin (Pass Royale)
  • Logmas Tower Skin (Shop)
  • 5 New Emotes:
    • FREE Logmas Tree Emote for ALL Players
    • Bowler w/ Gift Emote (Pass Royale)
    • Mother Witch (Shop)
    • Sad Bowler (Shop)
    • Lumberjack (Challenge)
  • Card Level Boost: Mother Witch & The Log


New Card: Mother Witch

Season 18 will come with a very interesting new card - the Mother witch - a 4 elixir Legendary card that has a very interesting mechanic! She is a ranged troop that does little damage, but will place a curse on any troop she attacks. Once the troop dies, it will turn into a weaker, building-targeting Hog that will fight for you! You will have tons of changes to unlock this new card during the month of December, as almost EVERY challenge will include the Mother Witch as a prize.


Season 18 Balances

This month, we are seeing a balance change like no other: 11 cards are seeing some MAJOR reworks and changes. Let's take a look:

  • X-Bow (Rework)
    • Lifetime: 40 → 30s
    • Hitpoints: -4%
    • Hit Speed Slower: 0.25 → 0.3s
    • Damage: +30%
    • DPS Increase: +9%
  • Guards (Buff)
    • Hitspeed: +10%
    • Hitpoints: -32% (Matches Skeletons)
    • DPS Increase: +11%
  • Barbarian Hut (Nerf)
    • Hitpoints: -22%
  • Graveyard (Nerf)
    • Initial Spawn: 2 → 2.2s (1 Fewer Skeleton)
  • Goblin Giant (Buff)
    • Hit Speed Faster: 1.7 → 1.5s
  • Heal Spirit (Nerf)
    • Damage: -59%
  • Fisherman (Nerf)
    • Hitpoints: -10%
  • Witch (Buff)
    • Initial Spawn: 3.5 → 1s
  • Electro Wizard (Nerf)
    • Damage Reduced 2.5%
  • Skeleton Barrel (Nerf)
    • Health: -19%
  • Bats (Buff)
    • First Hit Faster: 0.2s

Clash Royale 2021 Balance Change

Starting in 2021, Clash Royale will begin to push balance updates less frequently - from now on, there will be much bigger balance updates that will only coincide with game updates. Now this doesn't restrict balances to only updates - and it means that the dev team is actually more free to balance on the fly. This means that, if a card suddenly becomes super OP and oppressive in the meta, the dev team can simply balance the card on the spot. On the bright side, the dev team has also said that they will have 4 updates planned for 2021 - one for each quarter. Can’t wait to see what exactly they have planned!




The CRL World Finals are this weekend - lasting from December 5th to 6th at 12PM UTC+8. If you haven't made a fantasy royale lineup for it yet, you probably should, as you can get a free emote by just making one! The teams for this world finals are more stacked than ever, so we should see some of the best gameplay ever! The finals will be streamed here.


Community Highlight

Redditor u/DavidRS_Art has made some stunning Clash Royale fanart! His drawings are epic, and you can actually download these images in the comments of the reddit page!

This is the last one I already had done. Soon I'll be posting new ones. The downloads links for all the art i have posted will be on the comments... from r/ClashRoyale

Next up we have u/Lenzsch, who has created some 3D renders of a Sparky. Amazing attention to detail!

I made this realistic sparky model in 3D from r/ClashRoyale


Meta Breakdown

The Season 18 Balance Changes will definitely change the upcoming meta quite significantly. Let's take at some of the changes:

  • Graveyard
    • This archetype will definitely see a decrease in usage in December. Not only are there nerfs to support cards such as the Barb Hut, but also a direct nerf to the Graveyard itself. In addition, the new Mother Witch is VERY effective against the graveyard, turning many of the skeletons into hogs. The graveyard variants that will be more popular in Season 18 will most likely be the Splashyard and Mega Knight variants.
  • X-Bow
    • This card will also see a decrease in usage in this meta. It does do more damage, but the decreased health and lifetime means that X-Bow players will no longer be able to rely as much on the defensive X-Bow to control the defensive end. I still believe that X-Bow will remain in the new meta, but the skill cap of the deck will have just been increased.
  • P.E.K.K.A.:
    • With nerfs to cards such as Fisherman, Barb Hut, and Heal Spirit, P.E.K.K.A. might finally see some light in the new meta. She will most likely make its way back into control and bridge spam decks.
  • Royal Giant
    • Royal Giant decks will also see a decrease in usage. The Royal Giant archetype always seems to revolve around the effectiveness of the fisherman, so the slight tone-down of the fisherman and the heal spirit will directly relate to a decrease in the Royal Giant’s effectiveness.